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For Mikael Hastrup, the founder and CEO of PropBidder, a career in technology and finance has opened doors, enabled fulfillment, and allowed him to make a difference. While predicting the future is all but impossible, it’s safe to say that Hastrup will continue to create technology solutions that add value to the world. Further, through sound leadership, he hopes to inspire others both within and outside of his organization.

“I strive to make an impact day in and day out. Making a difference doesn’t always require anything grand or flashy. Often, the biggest difference makers are those who work quietly and subtly,” says Mr. Hastrup. “That’s something I try to keep in mind while managing my startup and otherwise going about daily life. I’m fortunate that many people in my life have set great examples and have provided guidance.”

Well-functioning markets can help ensure that everyone gets a fair deal. In the long run, fair and equitable deals provide stability and reduce the risk of people getting taken advantage of. Having seen consumers, entrepreneurs, investors, and more enter both great and terrible deals, Hastrup has sought to provide clarity by building and implementing solutions that help all parties reach suitable deals. This includes bidding software like PropBidder.

Mikael Hastrup Discusses The Transformation Powers of Technology

Tech solutions can have a profound and positive impact on society. If you’re reading this article, you’re almost certainly doing so on a digital device, perhaps your smartphone or a laptop. Modern computers (including smartphones) allow people to access more information than ever. It’s also easy to communicate with friends and family, potential business partners, and other stakeholders worldwide.

Not so many decades ago, only large organizations, like governments and multinational corporations, could easily manage communication across the globe. Now, it’s a cinch for practically anyone to get in touch if they can access the Internet. This has helped to “shrink” the world and has, in some ways, made it easier for smaller parties, including startups, individual investors, and property owners, to work together.

The power of technology and the leveling factor it can offer explains part of why Mikael has focused much of his career on real estate bidding solutions and platforms. These tools can provide information for both buyers and sellers, allowing both parties to make more informed decisions.

“People today enjoy higher living standards than ever before, and technology has played a major role in those improving standards,” notes Mikael Hastrup. “When I set out to develop tech solutions and platforms, one of the things I considered was how I could make positive impacts.”

Proper communication tools also allow different parties to coordinate and act more quickly. In fast-changing environments, speed is also crucial for success. Fail to keep up and folks risk falling behind. Tools like PropBidder make it easier to stay informed and react to various market conditions.

Education Happens In and Out of the Classroom

Currently, Mikael's solutions focus on the real estate market. Before shifting into tech development, he worked in real estate, both on the lending and real estate development sides. This helped him develop a fuller understanding of how the real estate industry works.

Tech solutions often work best when you understand the business and industry that you’re trying to disrupt with tech solutions. When tech experts come in from outside the industry, they may face a harsh learning curve and risk developing solutions that aren’t practical or, at least, aren’t optimized.

With that in mind, Mikael Hastrup immersed himself in the real estate industry, working hard to excel as an employee and studying the industry's problems. This allowed him to develop an on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes view of what challenges investors, buyers, lenders, real estate agents, and other stakeholders face.

“My early experience in the real estate industry still proves crucial day in and day out,” Mr. Hastrup says. “Anyone who wants to disrupt an industry should take time to work on the ground in that industry.”

Of course, formal education is important as well. Mikael is a graduate of Stanford’s prestigious business school. At Stanford, he worked hard to understand the big picture, provide leadership, and direct problem-solving, among other things. Many startups do understand the industries they’re operating in, but even that crucial knowledge isn’t enough to ensure success.

It's common for startups to face cash liquidity issues or fail to hire and retain the right talent. Poor leadership decisions can sink hard working teams. Closed minds often let tremendous opportunities pass by. At Stanford, Mr. Hastrup immersed himself in studying business challenges, learning from history’s past successes and failures. This has allowed him to excel in leadership roles.

“The lessons and insights I learned not just from my professors but also from my fellow students continue to shape my thoughts and approach to this day," explains Mr. Mikael. "I’m grateful for my time and experience at Stanford.”

Anyone looking to get into the startup space should take a moment to consider how they can acquire knowledge. Enrolling in an educational program, like an MBA, is certainly one great option. Another possibility is starting a career in industries that you want to disrupt. Both book and hands-on education offer different but vital benefits.

It's also smart to study success stories and failures too. For Mikael Hastrup, challenges have emerged from time to time. Regardless, he continues to soldier on, delivering tangible solutions day in and day out. Many people want to cut their own way through the jungle, which is great. That said, it's also smart to follow in other people's footsteps. Doing so may allow folks to move faster when pursuing their goals.


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